u ever have that friend where ur like. yes lets get an apartment together. lets adopt 200 cats. lets DO IT

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One of the things I feared the most when I moved across the country was my friends forgetting about me. And although in some cases it has happened, a majority of them still genuinely care. The conversations aren’t as often as they used to be, but I feel like that’s mainly because conversations were usually making plans to meet up or something. Now that we don’t have that, we just talk once in a while and talk about life and stuff.
It’s just nice knowing I still have most of my friends.
It also makes me a little homesick so I hope I get to visit NY soon.


Ahh the sweet smell of being replaced

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I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to sleep at humanely hrs this week. I still feel like shit all the time and I still wake up too early that it should be illegal, but at least I’m not craving sleep as much as I normally do.


*cracks my knuckles* time to complain

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all i want in life is to go to concerts and have good eyebrows

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My essays are solely structured by word count and nothing else. Missing an important detail? Who cares, it meets the word count requirement. Missing a conclusion or word? It doesn’t matter; word count matters. Essays are cut off even in the middle of a sentence because word count. Word count is everything. It’s like twitter; it doesn’t give a fuck if you’re not done saying what you have to—word count limit.